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The IFS Analytics team consists of a number of highly experienced, driven individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds. Our purpose and passion is to assist our clients in building and improving their data environments, so that they can make business decisions through actionable insights derived from all the data at their disposal.

Most businesses only use a small fraction of the data they generate or have access to. The desire to improve data-driven decision making is the primary reason that most businesses invest in business intelligence solutions.

The extent to which data-driven decision making is possible in an organisation is largely dependent on the maturity of that organisation’s data environments. The level of maturity differs from one organisation to the next. This journey can be illustrated as follows.

At the lower end of the maturity scale, organisations are hampered by a lag in visibility of what is happening in the business. As organisations become more mature in handling their data, the lag time is reduced.

The objective of any client engagement is to turn their business process data into information that can be leveraged by the business to improve decision making. If an organisation cannot do anything actionable with its data, the data’s value is limited.
The Fraxses platform provides all the technical components to accelerate the maturity of an organisation’s data environment. Once implemented, clients may still require assistance in developing new solutions on the platform or migrating existing solutions to unlock their full potential.
The Analytics team provides experienced resources to make the most of the technology available. This experience goes beyond the underlying technology and includes people with many years of business experience in the insurance and financial services industries.  The depth of the Analytics team’s experience with a variety of methodologies, together with the flexibility and adaptability of the Fraxses platform, enables us to accommodate client requirements with a best fit solution to form the foundation of future client-driven initiatives.
 The Analytics team gives our clients insight into their business better than any competitor in the market. Our team’s ability to understand, interpret and visualise data is unmatched. Utilising Fraxses and Yellowfin as our tools of choice for offering BI services we give clients a complete service that cannot be replicated.  

What we do

Our Advisory division assists with best business practises in managing a profitable UMA, administrator and cell captive.

This has served IFS extremely well, since we are a shareholder in a cell captive. Our Advisory team acts as key man for FSP’s, ensuring that compliance is adhered to without impacting operations.

Our Advisory division has enabled several companies to set themselves up for future success by providing assistance in structuring their cell captives.

Advantages of data-driven decision making

  • Greater transparency and accountability in decision making
  • Fosters continuous improvement in decision making
  • Ties business decisions to analytics insights
  • Provides a clear means to include feedback in decision making
  • Enhances consistency in decision making across the business
  • The Analytics team can assist clients with the following:

    Product Development

    New product development, actuarial modelling and pricing of insurance products


    Building efficient and effective data pipelines, regardless of the original data source and format

    Data Pipelining

    Building efficient and effective data pipelines, regardless of the original data source and format

    Data Management

    Building efficient and effective data pipelines, regardless of the original data source and format


    Data visualisation using a variety of off the shelf business intelligence software applications


    Predictive modelling and the application of neural networks and artificial intelligence methodologies to a variety of business problems

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    Cell Captives

    IFS partners with other businesses to provide cell captive solutions.

    The primary role of a cell captive is to insure the risk exposure of a company, fellow subsidiaries, and/or have the facility to roll out its own type of insurance product to its clients, customer base or the market. Rather than pay a premium to an insurance company to protect itself or its clients from exposure, it uses its own “captive” as a type of funding mechanism for potential future claims. It may be domiciled (located) onshore or offshore, depending on the needs of the owner of the cell captive.

    In terms of the structure, the cell captive owner holds an equity participation in a specific class or type of insurance of an insurer. The cell captive owner is entitled to share in profits, have access to underwriting profits, and any investment income generated from premiums. By analysing the risk exposure, the “unacceptable” or high levels of risk exposures are transferred to a re-insurer(s) that incorporates effective safety and loss prevention measures.

    IFS helps companies insure and manage their risk exposure with regard to cell captives. We are involved in multiple successful cell captive solutions, and are always on the lookout for further opportunities in new markets.


    Mercury, A SUBSIDIARY OF IFS, is a market leading short-term insurance administrator and underwriting agency. We provide our clients with a convenient and speedy service, and have been operating across South Africa as a registered FSP (17405) since 2004.

    We offer portfolio management, policy and claims administration, with a specific focus on personal, commercial, agricultural and various niche insurance products such as professional indemnity and engineering. Cell captives can be set up and managed by us for larger clients or specific groups.
    We differentiate ourselves by offering unparalleled service to our brokers, working closely with numerous insurance providers to obtain the best quote as quickly as possible for your client. Leveraging Intenda’s technology, we are a frontrunner for brokers and insurers, who demand speed and efficiency.
    Mercury assists tremendously in reducing the administrative burden on our clients. No matter the size of your business, you’ll never feel small with us. Our team comprises a wonderful group of caring individuals who pride themselves in the outstanding, personalised service they provide.